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Starlight KidsThe Starlight Kids, Mystery of the Feather Burglar

by Olive Peart

After her parents' divorce, Shari is angry, frustrated, and feeling helpless, until she joins the Starlight Kids Club. Who is that strange man packing boxes late at night in the attic of the house across the street? Why doesn't the home attendant want any kids visiting Mrs. Broderick? Shari is determined to find out. With the help of her friends, Shari gets her chance to turn a boring summer vacation into a fantastic action packed adventure.Read More...


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by Rei Kimura


With money and freedom, a growing pool of young, well-educated and ambitious Japanese professional women are no longer submissive, demure extensions of their menfolk. Read More...

Edible Bones

by Unoma Azuah


Kaito, a security guard at the US embassy in Lagos was "lucky," or was he? Edible Bones follows his journey as an undocumented African immigrant in an unwelcoming American urban square, chronicling the distance between his grand expectations and his ensuing fate. Read More...

Hattie’s Advocate: Adopting a Family Through Foster Care

by Mathew W. Hoffman & Krista Hoffman

A witty and intriguing look into the world of foster care through the eyes of a foster parent. Read More...

The Intruders

by Olive Peart

What does a black, a Chinese, an Italian and a Puerto Rican Bronx teen have in common?—A thirst for excitement! They get that and more when they set out to explore an abandon park in their neighborhood. Read More...

Linked by Olive Peart

They are so similar and they live in the same imperfect world. Each boy, in his own way, is begging for help. One is black and the other is white and they have switched! Read More...


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Demarche Publishing LLC is looking for manuscripts with multiethnic or multicultural themes. We do not publish poetry or picture books.

We prefer electronic submissions of manuscripts however please review our manuscript submission guidelines below before any submission.

Do not send original photographs, artwork or irreplaceable items of any kind with your manuscript or proposal. Demarche Publishing LLC is not responsible for the return of such materials.

Submission Guidelines for Works of Fiction

Submission Guidelines for NonFiction Works


Summary of our Publishing Process

Editing: 8-12 months. Two of our editors will review your manuscript for errors or typos. Our editors will add comments which must be reviewed and accepted or rejected by you the author.

Text Formatting and Galley Print: 2-3 weeks. Your manuscript will be formatted for printing. Use of a word processor program such as Microsoft Word cannot be substituted for a page layout program. After formatting and printing, a bounded galley copy will be made available for reviewers.

Reviews: 3-4 months. Galley copies of your book will be sent out to be reviewed by notables in the field of writing or in your text specific field. Having a good review quote for the back cover or front matter is a great way to generate publicity.

Published Book: 3-4 weeks. The final manuscript with cover design will be sent for printing.